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Who Corrects Problems In A Home Listing Before Closing

Who Corrects Problems In A Home Listing Before Closing And what are your choices the newcomer group

When you go under contract on a property, you’re gonna have, what’s called an inspection period. It can be 10 days to 15 days depending on what you negotiate – but typically it’s 10 days within our marketplace. 

During this time you’re gonna get a full home inspection, four-point wind mitigation, maybe a septic inspection, a wood-destroying organism inspection. And let’s say you find a multitude of problems with that property. 

You have a few choices at that point. So either you’re gonna ask the seller to fix it, or you’re gonna ask for a credit. 

I personally like asking for a credit, so that when you close, you can fix it to your standards. This saves you from being in the situation where you’re closing and maybe the problem’s not totally fixed. 

Asking the seller to fix the issue rather than requisition a credit then it opens a whole can of worms of who’s responsible for correcting that error. 

That’s just my personal tactic, and I’d love to know how you like to resolve these types of scenarios. Let me know what you think.

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