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Where are the Best Real Estate Deals?

Right now, our team is doing a lot of deals off-market.

What off-market means is that the seller does not want it to go into the MLS. A lot of people might ask what’s appealing about that whether you’re a buyer or a seller. What I can tell you from a selling perspective is especially some of these higher-end deals:

  • They’re very private people
  • They don’t want it to go to market
  • They don’t want people knowing their business
  • They’d rather it be a more quiet sale

That’s why they partner with teams and agents like myself, who have these strong relationships with all the buyers within the marketplace and other agent-to-agent relationships. There are a lot of deals getting done that will never hit the MLS, so who you work with matters.

You have got to partner with people that are not just sourcing the MLS. Let’s face it, everybody has access to all the information now with Zillow, Trulia, and Those platforms can be a little flawed, but the power is in the hand of the consumers, and I find that very important.

We’ve got to up the value we bring to the table, and that’s structuring the right deals and sourcing off-market properties for our buyers and investors. We’re making transactions happen, even as inventory is shrinking. So let us know what we can do to help you. If you keep missing out on deals, or if you want to know what our off-market inventory list looks like, contact me today!

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