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What To Do About Real Estate Appraisals | The Newcomer Group

One thing buyers are getting really caught up on right now is the home appraisal. What I can tell you is you can get five appraisals with five different opinions.

The appraisal is not the end-all-be-all of telling you what the market value is of the property. The market dictates what that price is.

What I can tell you is appraisers are having a hard time keeping up with this market; they’re looking at stuff that happened three to six months ago, but the market has accelerated.

Don’t be afraid to include that appraisal gap, or even waive the appraisal if you’re in a position to do so. Right now, writing offers that resonate with the seller and are going to stick out. So the best way to get your offer accepted is to have appraisal gaps and strong financing.

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