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Vilano Beach | The Newcomer Group

Hey everybody, it’s Luke and Sadie Newcomer with The Newcomer Group, and today we’re going to give you an exclusive neighborhood tour of one of our favorites – Vilano Beach.

So listen here, in Vilano Beach, we’re smack dab between the Atlantic Ocean and the intercoastal waterway. You’ve got:

  • Tons of outdoor activities,
  • Tons of amazing outdoor restaurants on the intercoastal waterway and on the ocean,
  • Surfing, skimming, fishing, and boating.

All located just 10 minutes away from downtown St. Augustine, you’re definitely going to want to go check this place out, guys. We’re going to show you everything this place has to offer – and then some. So much to see, so much to do; let’s go experience it together, come on!

Take a stroll down the boardwalk that runs through the wetlands!

Vilano Beach is a quiet coastal community situated between the Atlantic ocean on one side, and the intercoastal waterway on the other, making it a wonderful location for all things on the water. The town itself is a charming surprise with tiled fountains, a retro art deco look, and its beaches. Take a stroll down the boardwalk that runs through the wetlands near the Usina Bridge, where you will find mosaic art and local wildlife.

At the fishing pier, you can find all sorts of entertainment, from the amazing views of downtown St. Augustine to spotting dolphins in the water and checking out the vintage Bluebird Statue of Happiness. Typically, any time of day or night, you will find plenty of fishermen catching the local bite.

For fun on the intercoastal, there are multiple boat ramps around the area to put your boat, kayaks, paddleboards, and so much more in the water. You can also find all types of marine life such as manatees and dolphins. for fun at the beach. You will always find people surfing, skimboarding, bicycling, and even the occasional windsurfer!

For more laid-back beachgoers, there is plenty to do as well. You’ll find plenty of opportunities for:

  • Sunbathing on the beach,
  • Taking a walk,
  • And finding shells and shark’s teeth in the sand.

Don’t forget to bring your furry friends, because dogs are welcome at the beach.

Be aware of sea turtle nests while you’re walking! Every season, sea turtle nests on the beach hatch a month or so later. Also, don’t forget to bring your furry friends, because dogs are welcome at the beach. All right guys, we’re at arguably one of the best, most popular spots, not just in Vilano Beach, but arguably in all of St. Augustine; we’re at Taps on the Water. This place is always happening; they have the best cocktails best seafood, fresh oysters, and just the friendliest staff you can find around town. Not to mention, when you come here you’re going to catch some of the most phenomenal sunsets.

When you’re in Vilano, you’ve got to stop at Taps on the Water. You gotta get here early, because they don’t take reservations and it is popping all the time. You can bring the boat, so feel free to stop by! Bring the boat, and bring it right up to the docked cruise.

You will love the laid-back atmosphere this local establishment has to offer.

Up for happy hour? Aunt Kate’s is another great family restaurant located on the intercoastal. Counting over 100 years of serving fresh seafood in the area, you will love the laid-back atmosphere this local establishment has to offer. It’s a family-friendly restaurant you can come bring, your boat, get some seafood with the family, and enjoy the sunset. You can check out:

  • The manatee, the dolphin jumping, and bird watching.
  • Throw a line in and catch dinner.
  • Or just catch a beautiful sunset

We’re also at one of the many public boat ramps, which is right off to my left. You can drive right up back the boat in, hit the water, go fishing, or wakeboarding – all that fun stuff.

Puccini’s Pizzeria, located in the Publix Plaza serves up delicious pies all day and night long. Their motto is: you’ll be singing for more! That really says it all. You can join them on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night for live music.

180 Vilano Grill and Pizza is a local favorite. With classic Italian-style dishes, and always a friendly face, you’ll be sure to love this place.

Beaches at Vilano is tucked away on the water’s edge and away from the main stream. This establishment is a vacation spot right in our hometown where you can relax and enjoy a no-worries Caribbean island atmosphere.

It’s a great place to get some grub – one of my personal favorites.

Now, we’re at the reef restaurant right on the other side of the street from Aunt Kate’s. This is the only restaurant in St. Augustine that’s oceanfront. Right upfront of the ocean, you can find lunch, dinner, steaks, and seafood. I mean, it’s a great place to get some grub – one of my personal favorites.

Come here on a Sunday, you can catch brunch, endless mimosas, and crab legs. They’re just awesome; you really can’t go wrong when you’re here in Vilano. You’ve got to come to check this place out – the reef oceanfront dining is truly an amazing experience.

Kingfish Grill is located right at the docks of Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor and offers spectacular water views. They offer full-service indoor and outdoor dining, with some of the freshest seafood around if you love sushi. This is one of the best low-key places to get sushi in St. Augustine. Go sit at the sushi bar with Austin, who will be sure to hook it up with one of his Omakasa specials.

All right guys, that wraps up our tour, but we had to end at the Magic Beach Motel – one of Vilano Beach’s favorite motels on the strip drive on. It even access to the ocean right here. That wraps everything up! If you guys have any questions about the Vilano market, The Newcomer Group’s here to help.

Here at The Newcomer Group, exceeding your expectations is our standard.

We’ll catch you next time!

– Luke and Sadie Newcomer

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