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Top 3 Tips To Win in A Multiple Offer Situation

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Winning in a Multiple Offer Situation

Here are three tips for you in order to win a multiple offer situation. The Newcomer Group has a 90% success rate when winning and writing multiple offers. 

Work With A Local Lender 

Working with a local lender has never been more important you know first off as a strong listing agent. If there are 10 offers on the table, and I’m looking at the local lender offers first for finance transactions they understand the market they have a strong track record of closing I can pick my phone up and call them directly. 

Make the Offer Simple

Make the offer very simplistic for the listing agent to review. You can build rapport with the listing agent. I take a lot of pride in my relationships with other agents within our marketplace number. 

Work With The Newcomer Group 

We understand the market, we find off-market deals, we know how to present and effectively communicate a strong offer that’s going to stick out. When there are 10, 15, 20 offers on the table, let us know how The Newcomer Group can help. 

Here at The Newcomer Group, exceeding your expectation is our standard.

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