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Tips for Working Directly with Listing Agents | The Newcomer Group

Hey, there. Luke Newcomer, with The Newcomer Group where exceeding your expectations is our standard.

Today, I wanna talk to buyers specifically who think that they can get a better deal talking directly with the listing agent. 

Listen, my team talks with 15 to 20 brand-new buyers every single day and every once in a while, somebody wants to speak directly with the listing agent. Look, that’s totally okay if that’s the route you wanna take. Here’s what I can tell you though. 

When you start missing out on multiple offers, when you start getting sloppy offers written for you and not getting offers accepted. That’s a really big problem. And that’s what we see when people are working without an agent.

We work with so many buyers that seek us out specifically because they know that we source off-market properties. We know how to negotiate very well for buyers; to win in multiple offer scenarios or get a better leg up when there’s not multiple offers on the table. 

As a listing agent, when somebody calls me and says, hey, next time you get a house like this, just keep me in mind and they only work with listing agents; I’ll never call you back. Because guess what? I’m gonna call the buyers that I built long-lasting with. 

Unfortunately, when a seller hires me, I’ve probably spent the last two, 3, 4 years plus building out that strong relationship. So, when someone’s calling me out of the blue and expecting me to bend over backwards for them. They’re probably just not gonna get the best deal possible. 

Get with somebody like the Newcomer Group that’s gonna be an advocate for you. Whether it’s today or two years from now, you’ve gotta have a good real estate agent in your corner. 

If you’d like to learn more, if you wanna partner with the Newcomer Group, and strategize on purchasing a property, call me today. Call the Newcomer Group, where exceeding your expectation is our standard.


Luke Newcomer

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