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The St. Augustine Beach Lifestyle

Hey Everybody, 

Luke and Sadie Newcomer here, and we are the Newcomer Group in St. Augustine Florida. 

We are really excited about starting to share more about the behind the scenes of what life is like in St. Augustine. When you choose St. Augustine, you’re not just buying the house, but also buying in the lifestyle.  

When you buy in St. Augustine, you’re buying a lifestyle…

Here, everyone has some sort of morning routine that gets them mentally prepared for the day ahead, and gets them ready for the obstacles that we’ll be throwing their way. Our day typically starts with a cup of coffee, a wave check with Louie, and then a solid session of fetch on the beach. We try to catch the sunrise if the morning permits and the tide is just right. It’s an opportune time to take the beach cruisers along the ocean for a ride. It helps get our mindset right and is a good way to put the day in perspective.

We’re fortunate and lucky enough to live the lifestyle so many others may wish to fulfill and remind ourselves daily of this privilege. The best part is we get to sell this lifestyle through real estate. St. Augustine Beach, that’s where we live, that’s where we work, that’s where we play with our dog and we’re passionate about the area. 

We’ve been in St. Augustine since 2009 and have lived in St. Augustine Beach for the last four years. We fell in love with this area for the easy reasons, at first. 

St. Augustine Beach offers white sandy beaches, amazing restaurants, fun bars, and the laid-back atmosphere you find in many coastal communities. What has truly helped us plant our roots in this beach town are the people, and the community. They’re truly what makes St. Augustine Beach, St. Augustine Beach. 

There’s a sense of pride in this town that keeps the locals planted firm within the community. It’s what keeps our visitors wanting to come back year in and year out. 

There’s a home for everyone here. You can find a hundred thousand dollar condo or multi-million dollar oceanfront home and simply everything else in between. 

There’s a variety of fun down A1A Beach Boulevard. It’s lined with vibrant local businesses that welcome the local residents and tourists equally. They offer pet friendly accommodations, drive on access points for the beaches, oceanfront restaurants and hotels, coffee shops, and small Airbnbs for the passerby to get a taste of what life in St. Augustine Beach is all about.

Off the boulevard, you’ll find many small neighborhoods tucked away beneath the trees, preserving wildlife and nature. St. Augustine Beach is fit for everyone and we hope you can find your morning routine in this coastal community we love to call home. Being family-oriented, Augustine Beach is actually zoned for one of the best elementary schools in the entire country. 

Probably one of our favorite things about St. Augustine Beach is its walkability

We have restaurants right down the street from our house and the most amazing bars. We can walk to the beach, all our friends live in the area and they’re always ready to meet us for lunch or dinner. From our home, we can walk to the grocery store, we can go to the post office, there’s a public library as well. 

Roughly 7,000 residents live here, which is a lot, but it keeps that small town feel. We can go to Publix and usually run into somebody we know personally or have helped find a home.  

St. Augustine Beach caters to tourists, without asking locals to make sacrifices…

St. Augustine Beach has got this super strong sense of community, that’s also embracing tourism, but there’s sustainability behind it all because they’re being conscious of how high we can build and how many vacation rental licenses are being implemented. We think they’re being really smart because they want to keep the quality of life for the residents that live here and everybody that loves it. 

The preservation of our way of life despite the growth has made St. Augustine Beach what it is.  They’re trying to keep St. Augustine Beach progressive, but we also think that they, especially the city of St. Augustine Beach, are keeping their residents in mind. 

They want to keep the quality of life for residents super high but also stay up to par with the amount of growth we’re having. We’re seeing an increase in the amount of exposure St. Augustine Beach is getting, drawing more people in, but we’re not feeling the pressures that come with rapid growth. 

There’s truly a home option for everyone…

There’s an average price point here of $350,000 roughly, meaning there’s truly a house for everybody.  Whereas other coastal communities, many buyers are gonna get priced out, that’s not true for St. Augustine Beach. 

Whether you want to be in an HOA neighborhood or somewhere where there is no HOA and you can park your boat out front, you’ll be able to choose from properties within a couple miles of each other in St. Augustine Beach. You can buy a $100,000 condo one and a half miles from the beach or you can get a 2.5 million dollar oceanfront house. 

We’re here every week dishing out information about real estate in the different markets and different areas of St. Augustine.

If you have any other questions about the area, or anything else shoot us an email. We’re truly never too busy for you and we’d love to know how we can help.

Thanks for joining us!

Luke and Sadie Newcomer

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