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    Quick Tip Tuesday: Money Down

    Hey you guys, it’s Luke Newcomer with The Newcomer Group giving you your quick tip of the day on Tuesday.

    Today, I want to bust one of the biggest myths that first-time homebuyers have.

    You do not need 20% to purchase your home.

    Yes – I’m talking to millennials – someone that’s been renting for a very long time. Getting that 20% down payment can feel almost unobtainable. Here’s the myth: you do not need 20% to purchase your home. There are amazing programs out there, with amazing lenders that we’re partnered with, where you can go you can literally come to the table with:

    • No money down
    • 3.5%
    • 5%
    • Or even 10%

    There are so many amazing different terms for getting a loan – you don’t need 20%, and The Newcomer Group can help you with that!

    Call us today, where exceeding your expectation is our standard.

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