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Pricing is Key | The Newcomer Group

If you’ve been following the real estate market for the last two to three weeks, listings are up, sales are down, and interest rates are rising. What does that mean for you as the seller right now in this real estate market? 

I’m Luke Newcomer, of the Newcomer Group, where exceeding your expectations is our standard, and today I’m preparing you for the current market conditions. 

So, what I can tell you is that pricing is going to be become one of the most important things before going to market. You do not have room for air there. 

As more competition rates are rising, buyers are getting priced out. That doesn’t mean home values are coming down. It means there’s no more cushion to overprice that listing. You have to get your list price spot on. So now more than ever, hiring a local market expert is going to become very important.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you have to have the most updated information to guide you, and we’re obsessed with the numbers. Give us a call, a dm, or fill out one of the contact us forms, and we’ll talk you through pricing your home for success.

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