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Our New Office! | The Newcomer Group

Welcome to the official Newcomer Group headquarters located at 770 A1A Beach Boulevard. If you haven’t heard the news yet, yes, we have moved.

My favorite place in the entire world…

Beautiful location, completely redone right on the boulevard in the heart of St. Augustine Beach, my favorite place in the entire world.

Listen, whether you’re looking to get into real estate, looking for a new career, or you wanna buy, sell, or invest, come swing through. The doors always open Monday through Friday. Someone’s here at eight, til 5 o’clock. 

I wanna get you familiarized with the layout, so we shot a video tour but this new office is really something else. 

So, if you come in through the front door here at The Newcomer Group. You’re gonna be greeted by a very smiling face, Bailey and of course Louie’s gonna come greet you. We set this all up nicely so that it’s inviting for customers, clients, and employees to hang out. There’s a couch, lounge area, some magazines, all real estate related obviously. But when you come in, it’s very welcoming.

Heading through the building you’ll see our super sleek conference room, perfect for having buyer consult and seller consult. If you need to sign documents, if you need to have a closing meeting, You know, bring people here. We’ll make that happen. We’d love to.

We have a flex space for our realtors.  Sometimes it gets a little loud in the office with people making calls. We created a place to just get some more private, quiet work done.

A little farther down the hall you have bathrooms, you have the kitchen, you have the Nespresso espresso machine. 

We have what I like to call our command center really close to the coffee of course.  It wraps the whole way around a room. Everybody on the team has got a little personalized desk space. 

We are probably one of the only real estate offices with a dedicated media room. It’s where we keep the green screen setup, and some computers. This is a space where we can do our filming and we can create content. It’s tons of fun.

And at the very back of the building is mine and Sadie’s office.  We chose the stand-up desks that raise all that fun stuff. 

We keep it simple at The Newcomer Group. We’d love to have you come swing by and check out the place. We want you all to get familiar with where we’re located because we’re staying here for a really long time.

Thanks for joining me today guys. 

Luke Newcomer

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