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Listing Workshop – The Newcomer Group

Hey, I’m Luke Newcomer of the Newcomer group and today I am getting a listing workshop put together for the team.

Every other Wednesday, we do a Wednesday workshop on skills, building training, market conditions, and all sorts of fun stuff. This time we’re doing a listing one because I’m personally going on a lot more listing appointments right now, my team members are going on more listing appointments right now.

Now, more than ever, having a sharp listing presentation has never been more important. I’ve learned that sellers want to talk about many things when I’m sitting at their kitchen table talking about selling their homes.

Inflation’s a huge on their minds, as well as market conditions. They want to talk about our marketing platform, how we reach hundreds of thousands of people, how we get the most exposure, how we net them, the highest proceeds, what do our fees look like?

If you’re gonna sell your house, what’s the most important thing that you’re looking for in a partnership with a real estate agent? I’d like to know so I can have some input on this presentation before the workshop on Wednesday, and our clients always have the best insights. So, let us know.

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