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Don’t Miss Out on Your Dream Home in This Market!

When buying a home forming, the right partnership with a realtor or agent within your market has never been more important than right now.

This is arguably the most challenging market for buyers to get deals done while they’re trying to capitalize on a great investment, trying to not let pricing get out of control, or locking into that great rate.

I want to share one of my most recent success stories, These buyers have contacted me directly based on reviews and past sales they had seen on Zillow. They realized that we were the number one team on Anastasia Island with a 90% success rate on winning in multiple offers, They kept losing out with another agent, who didn’t really understand the market.

I stepped in, we identified a property, and they asked me exactly what they needed to do to get the deal done. I structured it from start to finish on:

  • The right price,
  • The right escalation clause,
  • The right terms

I built a ton of rapport with that listing agent who we had done a lot of deals with in the past; I got them to partner with a local lender. They dropped the lender that was out of state and didn’t understand this market. We came in with great terms; we got them the deal 100% success rate with these people.

Listen, we’ve got a lot of stories just like that and we want to help you today because I want you to lock into that rate I want you to build that American dream of homeownership it’s the number one investment preferred by people in the united states let us know how we can help you.

-Luke Newcomer

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