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Davis Shores Neighborhood | The Newcomer Group

Davis Shores

Hey everybody, it’s Luke and Sadie Newcomer, here with The Newcomer Group.

We’re coming at you live in one of our favorite neighborhoods in St. Augustine – the Davis Shores. Today, we’re going to give you a tour of this neighborhood to try to showcase as many of our favorite establishments, bars, restaurants, offices – the whole shebang. So let’s go check it all out!

I love Davis Shores because it’s super walkable!

Sadie Newcomer

One of the reasons I love the Davis Shores is that it’s super walkable! You can be in downtown St. Augustine or the beaches in just a short ride. It’s a non-HOA neighborhood, featuring:

  • Beautiful lots
  • Mid-century modern design homes
  • A great sense of community

Until the 1920s, the northwest corner of Anastasia Island was a swampy lowland, with occasional peaks of high ground. In 1925, a wealthy Florida land developer – DP Davis – purchased the lowlands and raised them with a massive 1500 acre dredge and fill operation.

Davis designed and subdivided the new land in order to develop:

  • 50 miles of streets
  • 100 miles of sidewalks
  • Curbs, parks, and plazas
  • Two 18-hole golf courses
  • A casino, roman pool, and yacht club
  • Hotels, apartments, and residences
  • And business districts

Davis Shores is one of the most influential city planning movements of the 1920’s

Its distinctive curving street patterns, wide boulevards, and unusual triangulated lots in a garden-like setting exhibit key elements of the most influential city planning movements of that time. While many lots were sold, Florida’s land bust of 1926 ended Davis’s dream. By 1927, the newly completed Bridge of Lions led to a depressed area. It wasn’t until the prosperous post-World War II years that the Davis Shores saw a revived interest and rapid growth. Today, the Davis Shores still retains much of the original design and most of its 1920s structures.

The Conch House Hotel, Restaurant, and Marina is a true slice of Florida paradise, with boating, drinks, music, and sun situated on the Intracoastal waterway. You’ll be sure to find endless entertainment here, between all the boats coming and going, sunset, dining, and live music – this is truly an experience you won’t want to miss. This place is known for their Gumbay smashed cocktails and Reggae Sundaes, with music and dancing.

Blackfly is an amazing bar and restaurant and has become a staple for Anastasia Boulevard and Davis Shores. Great dishes, quality drinks – this restaurant is known for:

  • Steaks
  • Seafood
  • Brick oven pizza
  • And a unique dish you just can’t get anywhere else!

Next time you go, try the dynamite salmon it’s our favorite on the menu!

This is the place for a low-key good time.

Hornski’s record store is a great place to shoot pool, enjoy a cold beer, a nice glass of wine, shop for records, and there is always quality music playing. This is the place for a low-key good time, and truly a local favorite. Sorbets’ local musicians are consistently featured here, and the bar offers:

  • Artisan grilled cheeses
  • Great drinks
  • And eclectic vibe that only Sorbets can deliver on

Treat yourself to a full body massage from April at Earthly Elements, who is next to none! Her business is truly the secret weapon to getting your body aligned and working to its full potential.

Osprey Tacos and Old Coast Ales: what used to be an old mechanic shop is now the home to two favorite establishments on the boulevard. Osprey tacos and Old Coast Ale have both made lasting impressions on everyone who visits them. Osprey Tacos is a great spot for lunch or a quick dinner. They have a fun fresh twist on traditional tacos that elevate your taste buds and always leave you feeling happy and satisfied. Be sure to ask for their sauces, though! Gold Coast Ales offers a variety of different beers, from IPAs, reds, wheats, and so much more. They have an open tasting room and a fun place for friends and dogs all to get together and hang out; tacos and beer just go well together.

Growers Alliance kenyan coffee and african bakery: this place is truly a league of its own, and a great place to get some morning fuel to take on your day. Mellow mushroom pizzas, salads, great atmosphere, and arguably one of the best happy hours – you could find this place quickly becomes a place for regulars and passerbys alike.

Llama Restaurant: a Peruvian restaurant where the culinary experience is top-notch! Locally owned and operated, their mission is to provide high-quality service with amazing dishes. Be sure to call ahead, because this is one of the highest rated restaurants in St. Augustine, and an absolute must try when passing through; you have to try their ceviche!

Corneal law firm: family run and an amazing asset. A staple business for all of your:

  • Real estate
  • Closing needs
  • Business consulting
  • And legal issues

It’s the only place where we go for the best cut meats in town

To the neighborhood Chop Shop: the best butcher shop (arguably) in St. Augustine. Always delivering the neighborhood with quality cuts of meat, fresh produce, and great seafood options. They have the nicest staff, and it’s the only place where we go for the best cut meats in town. Juicy, fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, and acai bowls. Amazing owners and happy staff make this a weekly spot and a very healthy option. Feeling run down? Ask for the ‘house shot‘.

Alright, everybody, that wraps up our tour of the Davis Shores. We really appreciate you coming with us on this tour of Davis Shores. Obviously, there’re so many other businesses and restaurants that are great in this neighborhood, and we encourage you guys to check them out! (maybe drop them below in the comments section) We really look forward to helping with whatever we can in the future.

Here at the Newcomer Group, exceeding your expectation is our standard! We look forward to helping you find or sell your perfect piece of paradise here in the Davis Shores!

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