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Buying or Selling in Anastasia Island | The Newcomer Group

buying or selling in Anastasia Island The Newcomer Group

Hey you guys, Luke Newcomer here with a tip for you.

If you’ve thought about buying or selling, specifically on Anastasia Island – zip code 32080 – you’ve gotta reach out. 

Over the last couple of years, the Newcomer Group has taken tons of market share, and started doing lots of transactions specifically on Anastasia Island.

On average, we’re doing anywhere from 12%-15% of every single transaction that’s happening on Anastasia Island, every single month.

When you want real results, please partner with the number one team on Anastasia Island – The Newcomer Group – where exceeding your expectation, is our standard. 

We look forward to helping with all of your buying, selling, and investing needs. Thanks!

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