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The Newcomer Group Ladson Construction Business Feature Luke Newcomer Jessie Ladson

Hey you guys, it’s Luke Newcomer with the Newcomer Group where exceeding your expectations is our standard. 

I’m really excited – this week I got a chance to sit down with Jessie Ladson the president and owner of Ladson Construction. We learned a ton about his business, so I do recommend giving that a watch. I’m on here to share my favorite parts of our conversation. 

This is another one of our local business features. I’m trying to feature 30 businesses here in northeast Florida, so make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter and our youtube channel so you’re alerted every time we upload a new one. 

Please enjoy these highlights of my conversation with Jessie. 

Luke Newcomer: I’m just going to dive right into this interview. Jessie, tell us who you are, where you’re from, kind of set the foundation before we dive into all this.

Jessie Ladson: So yeah, I’m Jessie Landson, owner of Ladson Construction. I’m a native of the Northeast Florida area. Actually, I originated in northeast Florida, born and raised, went to the University of North Florida here. I got a bachelor’s degree in construction management, moved on to Orlando, and worked for the larger construction managers, nationally. I came back home to Norfolk Florida about six years ago and decided to take a leap of faith. I started Ladson Construction.

Luke: I’m in real estate, and ‘construction’ can be a broad term. What is your niche?

Jessie: It did take us a while to find our niche; we started out doing high-end custom residential homes, moved on to office interior build-outs, and now we’re finding our niche is really medical offices and buildings for industrial manufacturing use. However, we’re still active in retail developments. We’re very clear on who we want our clients to be.

Luke: Circling back a little bit, it sounds like you’ve done some really big projects. What’s one of the projects you’re most proud of?

Jessie: The project I’m most proud of, and one that I brag about was when I was on the Four Seasons Resort in Orlando. That project ended up being about $270 million dollars. It was spread out across 33 acres, seven different buildings, and a staff of 50 team members. That site totally had close to a thousand employees.

Luke: Very cool, with that said, how can a potential client get in touch with you?

Jessie: So there are several different ways: our website You can visit our Instagram, which is just simply You can also visit our Facebook page, which is If you go on the website, you can enroll in an email campaign. You’ll get employee spotlights, industry news, and any updates that we send

Luke: I’ve really really appreciated this conversation. Super insightful, very cool business. Love that we had the chance to feature you. Is there anything else that we need to tell everyone about your business?

Jessie: I think that my biggest takeaway is we’re super transparent. When hiring any contractor, they have to take on a certain of a certain level of responsibility. One of our core values is personal responsibility. Every person on our team knows that the decisions that they make, they’re personally responsible for. It really helps strengthen the culture, and it strengthens the success of the company.

Luke: Very cool. Last question, what is your favorite thing about St. Augustine?

Jessie: I love Vilano beach. We have a vacation rental property out there. We love it so much that we bought a second home here in the St. Augustine area.

Luke: That’s awesome. You’ve got a vacation rental here, and hopefully, you get to enjoy it for yourselves. Listen, Jessie, thank you so much for coming on. Really appreciate it. Again, it’s Luke Newcomer with The Newcomer Group.

Jessie: And I’m Jesse Ladson with Ladson Construction.

There are so many nuggets of wisdom I couldn’t get into this post, so I do really recommend checking out the full interview below. 

Thanks for joining me today guys, I’m Luke with the Newcomer Group, where exceeding your expectations is our standard and I hope you have a great week. 

Luke Newcomer.

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